May 24, 2016
Make the Hybrid OR process easier with the right partnership.
The ideal Hybrid OR features a multidisciplinary space that supports both interventional and surgical procedures. It seamlessly integrates surgical equipment like surgical lights, booms, laminar flow systems and an interchangeable surgical table. Essential medical equipment including a heart-lung support system, an intra-aortic balloon pump and a state-of-the-art anesthesia machine are supported. Data and monitoring systems also play a vital role. And of course, flexibility and adaptability to future technology are key components.

At Maquet, we can help you bring it all together in the following ways:

Consulting and planning: We’ll work with you on Hybrid OR designs that promote optimal patient care and end user satisfaction. Through holistic concepts, we offer comprehensive solutions that incorporate the latest technology while keeping an eye on the future. Whether your project involves a new building, renovation, modernization or extension, we make sure your room is designed with high flexibility and functional performance.

Workflow analysis and design: Consideration for the flow of patients, staff and materials is vital when planning a Hybrid OR to ensure the efficient use of resources and maximize profitability. We’ll analyze your workflow and create concepts that take your current requirements into account while looking toward future needs. In fact, our exclusive OR3D technology provides a virtual 3D rendering of your desired configuration, allowing for adjustments and modifications from planning stages to installation.

Project management: Our Project Managers partner with the entire team to facilitate the project and ensure smooth progress during all phases of development and construction. Each stage is implemented professionally, quickly and reliably within the specified time and budget.

Production and installation: Our high-quality products and systems work together in synchronicity in your Hybrid OR and are supplied according to your specific timeline. Upon delivery, we complete installation quickly with minimal disruption to normal hospital activities.

Handover and training: Once the last room detail is in place, we offer customer training so you can make the most of your new Hybrid OR features. Products and technologies are explained in detail and practical exercises are provided. We also offer competency information and training for technical personnel, so minor maintenance tasks can be performed by in-house staff if desired.

After-project support and room utilization: Once your Hybrid OR is up and running, we provide customer support tailored to your specific needs and valuable advice on ways to optimize the benefits of your new room. We also have an extensive portfolio of medical equipment and devices for cardiac and vascular surgery that can be used in many clinical applications and surgical procedures.

Learn more about our Hybrid OR therapy solutions, including how we work with leading imaging providers such as Philips, Siemens and Toshiba.

For more information about Maquet’s total solutions, please contact Maquet at

Make the Hybrid OR process easier with the right partnership.

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