July 30, 2015
Bring more to the table

We bring more to the table.

At Maquet, we understand the OR table is a vital component of the modern Hybrid OR, allowing multiple disciplines to work in collaboration to achieve optimal patient outcomes. That’s why we’ve engineered MAGNUS OR table systems with unparalleled patient positioning options and built-in compatibility with imaging devices. Together, these capabilities redefine what’s possible in the Hybrid OR.

MAGNUS lets nothing get in your way.
Designed to accommodate extreme positioning during various and multidisciplinary surgical procedures, MAGNUS offers industry-leading patient access so that nothing gets between your surgical team and the patient.

Watch how MAGNUS integrates with imaging equipment.

Key attributes of MAGNUS include:

Superior surgeon ergonomics
Adjustable to virtually any height or angle including head up or down position up to 80º, MAGNUS enables surgeons to operate comfortably while standing, helping to reduce back strain and fatigue.

Table tops and accessories support a range of positions
MAGNUS “Easy-Click” modules allow for a wide range of patient positioning and are safe and fast to install and remove without the need for tools. Positioning options with available modules include lithotomy, neurosurgery and lateral flex, prone to knee-chest, spinal surgery and supine.

Intraoperative 360º imaging capability
All MAGNUS imaging modules and accessories are made of radiolucent and metal-free materials, enabling intraoperative 3D and full 360º body diagnostic imaging in even the most complex positions. Available carbon-fiber tops and spinal attachment extends the radiology area.

Seamless imaging equipment integration
The integration between MAGNUS and angiography systems helps to eliminate collisions and preserves the isocenter when the position of the C-arm or table is adjusted. Imaging equipment compatibility includes:
  • Allura Xper (Philips)
  • Artis zee, Artis zeego and Artis Q Ceiling Systems (Siemens)
  • Infinix-i (Toshiba)
For more information about MAGNUS table systems or other Hybrid OR components, please contact Maquet at hybridinfo@getinge.com.

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