October 26, 2015
Build more versatility into your Hybrid OR with CARDIOHELP
At Maquet, we understand that there are many vital components to the modern Hybrid OR, allowing multiple disciplines to work in collaboration to achieve optimal patient outcomes. This includes our versatile and transportable CARDIOHELP System, which opens up new possibilities for patients who require cardiopulmonary support during hybrid interventions.

The CARDIOHELP System is used to restore and stabilize the patient’s cardiopulmonary functions so clinicians in the Hybrid OR can gain valuable time to save patients’ lives. Proven to be an effective mechanical life support system*, CARDIOHELP has a compact and functional design with intuitive software that optimizes several specific areas of applications. The system can even be fixed at the table, giving the C-Arm full maneuverability. An intuitive plug-and-play control unit facilitates quick start-up and user-friendly operation, even in emergency situations.

Adding to its versatile functionality, the CARDIOHELP System includes a unique disposable, the HLS Set Advanced. This integrates a gas exchanger, a highly efficient heat exchanger and a cutting-edge centrifugal pump as well as integrated sensors used in measuring important blood parameters easily visualized with the device’s innovative and user-friendly interface. Together, it serves as an all-in-one solution for the clinician.

Maquet offers the most complete portfolio of any supplier in a Hybrid OR, with a family of exceptional products that work together in synchronicity. We also simplify the planning and purchasing processes, passing the cost savings along to you.

For more information about CARDIOHELP or other Hybrid OR components, please contact Maquet at hybridinfo@getinge.com.

*For up to six hours.

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