January 11, 2016
FLOW-i makes responsive support easy in the Hybrid OR.
The most effective Hybrid ORs involve many components and disciplines working in collaboration to achieve optimal patient outcomes. This includes FLOW-i technology, which makes taking care of your patients easier by combining ICU-quality ventilator performance and the most precise anesthesia delivery in one patient-friendly unit.

With a flexible configuration and outstanding ergonomics, our three FLOW-i models (C20, C30 and C40) are easy to maneuver and feature the capacity to work from any angle. In fact, when combined with M-lifting, the most advanced ceiling supply unit of its kind that lifts anesthesia machines and the trolley, the FLOW-i C40 model can provide both staff and patients with a more aesthetic, ergonomic clinical experience that also supports infection control initiatives.
FLOW-i combines seamless technology with an intuitive touch screen, simple navigation and adaptability with existing monitoring and data systems. Built on the SERVO ventilation platform, FLOW-i reacts quickly to provide responsive support in changing conditions, allowing you and your patients to truly go with the flow.

FLOW-i is also a budget-conscious option for optimal patient care in the Hybrid OR. Through precise delivery technology, it prevents the unnecessary use of anesthesia agent and minimizes waste, saving up to 32% of anesthetic agent compared with other anesthesia machines.1 It integrates with electronic medical record systems in the hospital and is designed to accommodate new technology, protecting your investment and supporting budgetary considerations well into the future. It’s also cost-effective because this one system can be used for all patients, from tiny neonates to adults with complex needs.


At Maquet, we offer a family of exceptional Hybrid OR products that work together in synchronicity – and we also simplify the planning and purchasing processes, passing the cost savings along to you.

For more information about FLOW-i or other Hybrid OR components, please contact Maquet at hybridinfo@getinge.com.
Reference:    1. Observational Study: Anesthesia agent consumption experience of volatile agent cost savings with new anesthesia delivery technology in longer surgical procedures, Dr. Suzanne Thomson, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Document on file Maquet MCV00029362.

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FLOW-i makes responsive support easy in the Hybrid OR.

The most effective Hybrid ORs involve many components and disciplines working in collaboration to achieve…

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