June 8, 2015
Own the Room

Own the room.

A Hybrid OR enables your surgical team to combine their skill with an optimized workflow that results in highly orchestrated patient care. At the same time, it can improve efficiencies and reduce costs for the hospital as a whole. This room represents the perfect hybrid of the latest in technology, function, ergonomic design and efficiency. All components work together seamlessly with your clinical staff, helping them to deliver the kind of exceptional patient care that further distinguishes your brand.

But where do you start?
Working in concert with your surgical and leadership teams, MAQUET supports you in every aspect. We’ll help you own the room, whether you’re upgrading an existing OR or starting from an earlier point in the process.

By offering the most complete portfolio of any supplier in a Hybrid OR, we simplify the purchasing process and can pass along these cost savings to you – our partner. In addition to offering the only OR table that enables optimum access and interfaces with all leading imaging providers, our products in cardiac surgery and support, ventilation, anesthesia and surgical lighting are leading technologies. Our family of products works together in synchronicity in your Hybrid OR, providing the best available tools for your physicians and clinical staff.

Throughout the process of establishing and operating a Hybrid OR, we consider you as our partners in care. We serve as consultants to help you and your surgical team plan and build a room that’s optimal for your needs and budget. Our customer service and technical assistance teams are available whenever you need them – all at a single source – for questions and product assistance. We’ll also help you ensure that you’re capitalizing on every cost efficiency and savings opportunity in addition to offering some of the most complete service plans in the industry.

At MAQUET, we’re changing the way hospitals – and physicians – operate. Here are just some of the key Hybrid OR components that will help you do so:

OR Tables

The MAGNUS operating table system is the result of extensive engineering expertise, in conjunction with imaging partners, to offer the best support for the patient and surgical team. MAGNUS offers unique X-ray capabilities and extreme articulations for perfect and ergonomic access.


OR Lights and Ceiling Supply Units
The POWERLED lighting range enhances and facilitates surgical procedures while virtually eliminating the concerns for shadows or overheating. MODUTEC ceiling supply units are the most compact configurations of strong rigid arms, hygienic equipment managers and fully functional columns.


Modular Room System
Our futuristic modular OR wall system offers the unique combination of functionality, design and efficiency.


OR Integration
MAQUET OR Integration delivers the control and flow of information in a small footprint with an easy-to-understand user interface that supports the complex demands of today’s medical specialties and staff.


Anesthesia Systems
Our FLOW-i products bring advanced ICU ventilator performance and anesthesia delivery together in one patient-friendly unit.


Our IAB catheters, pumps and suture-free stabilization devices offer high-end hemodynamic support in the Hybrid OR.


Cardiovascular Products
With almost 20 years of experience, MAQUET provides solutions for cardiac surgery and EVH, offering a full range of advanced technologies in the Hybrid OR.


Surgical Assist Systems
Surgical assist systems from MAQUET are designed to facilitate specific procedures like spinal surgery and hip interventions; especially valuable when the Hybrid OR is fully utilized by disciplines outside the traditional cardiovascular discipline.


Our CARDIOHELP system is the world’s smallest heart-lung support system that provides extracorporeal support to replace or support the patient’s circulation and respiration.

For more information about Hybrid OR or its components, please contact Jae Stirling at jae.stirling@maquet.com.

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