December 14, 2015
Quality that extends to the ceiling.

A great deal of care has gone into the design, functionality and performance of Maquet ceiling systems. Our surgical light, boom and visualization solutions have been specifically designed for optimized efficiencies, ergonomics and improved safety for multi-disciplinary use, making them ideal for the Hybrid OR.

Booms organize and integrate equipment and services such as gas, power, and communications to provide support for additional demands in the Hybrid OR. The small footprint, high weight capacity and mounting flexibility of MODUTEC booms accommodate today’s needs while allowing for future growth and technology developments.

PowerLED lighting systems provide superior, reliable and consistent lighting for any surgical specialty. They also offer exceptional shadow control, contrast and depth of field to help ensure optimal illumination. Likewise, in-light cameras provide true uncompressed HD images for superior resolution.

In addition to these ceiling and lighting components, Maquet offers the most complete portfolio of any supplier in a Hybrid OR, with a family of exceptional products that work together in synchronicity. We also simplify the planning and purchasing processes, passing the cost savings along to you.

For more information about Maquet ceiling systems or other Hybrid OR components, please contact Maquet at

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